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Our Piper Warrior II (PA-28-161) is IFR equipped and qualified.  This is the primary transition aircraft in our private pilot program and is equipped with dual NAV/COMs, ILS, and DME.  Equipped with wheel pants, the four seat Warrior typically cruises at about 115 kts.Our student pilots usually transition to this airplane after they have completed initial solo work in the Cessna 150 at about 14 to 16 hours of training.  The Warrior II has a maximum gross weight of 2,325 lb and a useful load of 839 lb.  It can carry 48 USG (288 lb) of avgas which gives it range of over 525 nm with IFR reserves.


The Warrior is also used for instrument training and is also available as a rental aircraft for properly qualified private pilots.

Our Warrior is expertly maintained with features and pricing that are more than competitive with any other comparable Warrior you’ll find.

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