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Blue Raven Aviation provides a full spectrum of aviation training and services. We are unique in that our instructors are all experienced with several thousand hours of flight time and a broad background in aviation and education. We provide personalized instruction that allows a student to proceed at their own pace. 


After checkout, our aircraft are available for rental within the continental United States at our established rates (All rates are wet). Minimum flight times apply for trips longer that four hours. 


“Blue Raven Aviation is a great place to learn how to fly in Southern CA. Jim is a top notch flight instructor who is able to clearly communicate with students and tailor each lesson for their individual needs. All planes at Blue Raven are meticulously maintained, and teaching students how to be safe and comfortable in the air is their top priority. I could not recommend Blue Raven enough if you are looking to start or continue your flight journey.” 1/5/2019

​​Stephen Provost, Aerospace Engineer

“Once you've decided to take flight and aspire to earn your private pilot's license, look no further than Blue Raven Aviation. Jim takes a genuine interest in every student to assure a solid foundation in aeronautical knowledge, airman-ship and judgment. They provided unparalleled value in flight training and tirelessly work with students to assure the needs of the students are supported.”

Arnold Beler, Registered Nurse
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