The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney

I’m often asked about the paint job on our Piper Turbo Arrow III (PA-28R-201T) and I intentionally do not give a short answer. We’ve been restoring the Arrow for about 10 years and finally completed all the internal and structural updates that would affect the quality of the paint job. In 2014 that was completed and it was time to decide on the paint scheme. We wanted to do a “Greatest Generation” tribute, but were challenged on how to go about it since there were so many sacrifices and so many worthy people from that generation. A strong lesson I’d learned years before was that it was more important to recognize someone, rather than try to recognize everyone. While that mindset made my decision easier, there were still so many worthy candidates. From the Tuskegee Airmen, Flying Tigers, WASPs, Pacific Theater, European Theater, North Africa, Hump Pilots, to Rosy the Riveter; how does one choose? I wanted to recognize a special group of flyers who performed above and beyond, but were also perhaps a little less known. Still a hard choice; but when I learned of the “Battle of Y29” the choice became clear. When you hear their story, you’ll understand as well.

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