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Our Piper Turbo Arrow III (PA-28R-201T) is IFR equipped and qualified with an Aspen Electronic Flight Information System (EFIS) and Garmin 530 GPS/WAAS. It qualifies as both high performance/complex as well as a Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA). The panel is fully up to date and features a mode S transponder and traffic advisories to the Garmin 530 and Aspen displays.


The Arrow easily seats four full size adults for a day trip or two adults and two children with baggage for a flying vacation get away.  The airplane likes to fly in the 9,000’ to 12,000’ MSL range which gets you above most other general aviation traffic.  With 72 gal of usable fuel our Arrow can get you from Redlands (REI) to Eugene (EUG) Oregon or even Herford (HRX) Texas in a single leg and at 160+ KTAS (knots true airspeed) it won’t take you all day to do it.


One look and you’ll see that our Arrow is expertly maintained with features that make it competitive with any other Arrow in the country.

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