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$60 An hour for dual instruction

  • 1 h
  • $60/hr
  • Location 1

Service Description

At Blue Raven Aviation, we consistently prepare private pilot candidates for their practical flight exam within about 52 to 56 hours of total flight time. This is nearly 30% better than the national average which saves you time and money. We offer a structured program taught by senior instructors dedicated to your success and not just looking to build hours so they can get on with an airline. Our program also trains you in multiple airplanes starting in the Cessna 150 and finishing in the Piper Warrior. This provides an extra level confidence in that you will have experience in both high and low wing airplanes as well as being checked out in more than one type. You will transition from the C-150 to Piper Warrior at about 16 to 20 hours (depending on student proficiency) total time and you’ll obtain a Private Pilot license as well as check out in 2 aircraft. Our students average less than 56 total hours when taking their Private Pilot flight exam. A typical cost breakdown for a Blue Raven Aviation private pilot license is: Flight time: 18* hr @ $ 85/hr = $1,350 (in Cessna 150) 38* hr @ $120/hr = $4,560 (in Piper Warrior II) Dual time: 30* hr @ $ 60/hr = $1,800 Ground time: 30* hr @ $ 30/hr = $ 900 Total: $8,790 + supplies and exam fees Typical supplies and exam fees: Books and materials: $240 Medical Certificate: $150 Written Exam Fee: $150 Flight Examiners Fee: $400 Total: $940 Typical Total Cost for Private Pilot License: $9,730 That’s nearly $3,000 below the national average. If that sounds too go to be true – just ask some of our students.

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  • USA

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