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A day in Arnold Beler's Shoes

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Arnold Beler fulfilled his long commercial cross country requirements in the Turbo-Arrow during the holidays. On December 26th, his first leg was Redlands (REI) to Red Bluff (RBL) in Northern California (452 nm) followed by RBL to Medford Oregon (MFR) (137 nm). Battling headwinds up to 43 kt at times, he completed the two legs in 5.4 hours flying the airways from Palmdale to Medford and getting to experience some of the winter weather over the Siskiyou Mountains. Tail winds up to 23 knots on the way back allowed him to complete the single return leg (566 nm) direct from MFR to REI in 3.7 hours on Friday, December 28th. All told, Arnold managed to complete the 1,155 nm round trip with 9.0 hours of cross country added to his logbook (0.8 of it at night). In addition to completing his commercial cross country requirements, he also got some awesome photos of Mount Shasta, Mount Lassen, and Yosemite. While preparing to depart from MFR, Arnold got to witness an aviation tradition not seen by many when a Horizon Air Regional Jet celebrated its Captains final flight by taxiing through the traditional water arch formed by two of the airports fire trucks.

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