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While our Cessna 150-H is a durable training work horse, that’s not what’s special about it.  Our 150-H features an FAA STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) approved Horton STOL conversion with a 135 HP Lycoming O-290-D2 engine.  This gives the airplane outstanding performance and the ability to safely fly itself out of just about any situation a student pilot could put themselves in.  You can see the performance, capability, and safety of our 150-H on our video links tab.

We use the 150-H for introductory level VFR Private Pilot training to provide an additional margin of safety in an affordable and rugged airframe that can take the licks student pilots can often dish out.  As an entry level student pilot, expect about 12 to 16 hours in this rugged little airplane which will also save you about $600 in aircraft rental cost.


Our Cessna 150-H is special in another regard.  We have rearranged the traditional Cessna 150 instrument panel to provide students with the standard “six pack” instrument layout common in all modern aircraft.  Most other Cessna 150s do not feature this standardized instrument layout which makes transition to another aircraft more difficult.


Shortly after solo, you typically transition to a larger and faster 4 place aircraft like our Piper Warrior to complete your Private Pilot training.  This process allows you to obtain your Private Pilot License AND also get checked out in more than one airplane all while maintaining a low total training cost.  In addition, you will have flown both high wing and low wing aircraft all before taking your check ride.  This provides and additional level of experience and confidence not available from other programs.

Our 150 is also outfitted with up to seven (7) video camera mounts and an audio recorder to allow digital video taping and audio recording of operations including solo.

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